Mother's  Day  Letter

Mother's Day Letter

Hello mom, mother, ma, whatever name you call her to symbolize your love for her. The woman who had birthed you into this world. I want to recognize and honor you for the loving care and nurturing you gave me.  Every day is your day, but this is just the worlds day of recognition for you.  Mom, this is a  special letter to you. I love you mom and understand all the sacrifices you went through to help raise and take care of me, even with the love of my father.  Mom, you stayed home and nursed me when I was sick, the days when the lightning and storms made me scared, how you would hold me and tell me everything was ok, and say I got you.  Mom, you were my first line of defense growing up, you kept me and my siblings in order. You showed us how to be mannerable, and respectful not only to others but to our own selves.  Mom, you gave up sleepless nights, when we were sick and hospitalized due to illnesses. You prayed over us and taught us about God and his blessings. Mom, there are so many wonderful skills you taught us like how to clean, wash, iron, cook and bake.  Mom, you did this all with a smile and loving words. You help us understand life and relationships.  You encourage and fought for us to be educated and to go beyond the educational level of you and dad of a high school diploma. You instilled the drive to reach for the stars.  Mom, I love you.  This is what mother's day means for me, that I recognize and honor you and your memory, because of you, I am the mother I am today.   

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